Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Award

Thanks April for this award!

The logistics:

1.Say thanks and give a link to the one who gave you the award.
2.Share 10 honest things about yourself.
3.Present this award to 3 other fantastically brilliant blogs of content or design, or peeps that have encouraged you.
4.Tell those 3 people they've been awarded and make sure they're informed of these guidelines

10 Honest Things About Me

1.I am from Tuscaloosa, Al. and miss living there....sometimes.
2.I have one son
3.I have a teacup Chihuahua named Juicy after Juicy Couture
4.I have one brother and two brother-in-laws, so boys are pretty prominent.
5.I LOVE Italian food
6.I look forward to every weekend when I get to spend time with my husband.
7.I still don't know what I want to be "when I grow up". haha
8.I went to Cosmetology School and was a hair stylist for a couple of years.
9.I LOVE working with the preschool department at my church. I love children.
10.Family is the most important thing in my life after God.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Dedication

We are finally well....for now! Yay! Finally.

So in the middle of all that sickness we had the baby's baby dedication at our church. Of course it was the weekend he was running a temperature, so I was praying hard that he would be better by Sunday. As long as he was well enough to get up on stage and let the preacher hold him for a minute then I would be good. So my prayers were answered and his fever broke that Saturday afternoon. His dedication went very well. My parents came in town for the event. It was so nice to have them there and know that they are just as happy about it as we are. Even my Grandparents (that couldn't drive all the way from GA because of illness) sent the preacher a beautiful letter and donated some money to the Preschool Department. Have I mentioned that I have an awesome, amazing family??!!

Here are some pictures from the dedication.

my family

baby and daddy

getting dedicated

wiped out

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tired of Being Sick

I know, I know it's been forever! I'll have to do a couple of posts to catch y'all up on everything that's been going on. We'll start with this....I'm sick! AHH!

Well it all started the Friday before last. The baby woke up that morning around 8 (that's late for him) with a temp. of 101.5. That's the highest temp he's ever had and he's never been sick before so I kind of panicked. I called the Pediatrician's office and got him in pretty much right away. They ran a flu test on him because that has been going around here BAD. It came back negative (YAY). So they said it was just a virus and there is nothing they can do about that (boo). We had a really busy weekend, so this was horrible timing (more on that later). Anyway, Saturday he woke up with a temp. of 102.7! Poor baby! We kept alternating his Tylenol and Motrin and by that afternoon his fever broke. From that point on he was fine. What a trooper.

So fast forward to exactly a week later. My throat starts hurting....not a good sign. Saturday morning I went to the doctor and come to find out...I have strep. So I went ahead and got the penicillin shot (SOOOOOOO painful!!!!!) hoping it would clear it up quickly. Well needless to say 3 days later, it hasn't'. Seriously, this sucks! I was hoping it would go away quickly, but I guess not. I'm starting to feel a little better today but still not great. I'm tired of not having any energy and being stuck in the house. Hopefully it will go away soon.

Now, the baby's been coughing for the past two nights. My friend's baby, who is the same age as mine and is always around mine, has croup. Sooooooo I'm just guessing that's what were gonna have next.

When will this end???!!! We need to get better!!! Prayers please :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Beach Pictures

Here are just a few of the pics we took last week at the beach! Enjoy!

playing in the sand

Uncle Kyle (my brother) and the baby

going canoeing?


my family

look at that smirk!

the water was like glass! (my dad, me, and the baby)

kiddie pool fun

beautiful sunset

Nona (my mom) and my baby

Football season starts tomorrow!!! War Eagle! Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ahhhhhhhh, What A Great Week!

So we are back from our WONDERFUL, relaxing vacation! It was soooo nice. We had perfect weather and when I say perfect I mean in the 80's, cool breeze, no humidity, just all around nice. It rained one day, Thursday, but that's ok...we just shopped! Haha! The ocean was absolutely breath taking. No seaweed and no waves. I mean really! It was like a swimming pool. It didn't even scare the baby to get in it. And speaking of the baby....he had a great time. He loved the sand, water, staying up late, hanging with his Nona (his new fav person) and Big Pape, taking long afternoon naps, and eating lots of new foods. He really seemed to enjoy himself. He definitely got my love for the beach. Anyway, I will post some pics later this week. I'm still busy trying to get us settled in back home. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Friday, August 21, 2009


So we are going on vacation tomorrow! YAY! I'm so ready. We are leaving early in the morning and driving to my parent's house in Alabama. Then we'll all leave headed for Florida Sunday morning! I hope we have good weather. And I hope the baby travels and adjusts well. I'll be back with plenty of pictures! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

9 Months

My sweet baby boy turned 9 months last Saturday! Can you believe it??? I can't! Time really does fly by. Even though I went a whole 26 (almost 27) years without him, I can't imagine my life without him! He's my little sidekick! He goes where I go. He has blessed my life more than he will ever know. He has changed me! He has made me a better person. Everything I do, I do for him. One of the most special gifts he has given me is a more personal and closer relationship with the Lord. son saved my life, my eternal life! I can't even put into words how much I love him. I want to be the best Christian Mother to him. I want him to know God's love and how full his life can be having Jesus Christ as his Saviour. I know he will ALWAYS be watching and listening to me, so that is the best reason to be a living example for him!

We went to his 9 month doctor's appointment last Friday. It went really good (minus the 2 hour wait). My big boy weighs right at 22 lbs and he's 29 inches long. Told you he was big!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!